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The Tax Free Cash Option for Company Directors.

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Apr 04

Did you know that, as a company director, you can take up to 18 months worth of your salary as a standalone, tax free lump sum from age 60?

Well, you can.

And the amazing thing is that most business owners don’t even know this facility exists which means they could be walking away with much less than they should at retirement.

A directors pension allows you to build personal wealth by  consistently transferring money out of your company each month into a plan in your own name.

No Income Tax, No BIK, No Hassle.

Having one ensures you have options and that you’re not relying on your business being sold to fund your retirement.

Revenue allow very significant contribution allowances for directors.

And, with this particular option, your business can build a fund for you up to 150% of your final salary that you can take as a tax free lump sum on its own from age 60.

The benefit is capped at a maximum of €200,000 but, unlike other pension funds, this one can be cashed out in full, no post retirement investment funds or anything else.

You can just withdraw the money from your fund at 60 and go back to work the next day.

It’s the only tax efficient way to build wealth through your company since everything else gets hit with either income tax, capital gains or BIK.


How does it work?

In the graph above, 100% represents your current salary.

The red columns indicate the % of it that you can take as a tax free lump sum for each year you’ve worked in your business.

Revenue have a funding scale which ranges from 4% with one 1 year service right the way up to 150% with 20 years so time is very much of the essence.

Not much point in finding out about this after the company is either sold or gone so, if you’re a company director without a pension, then simply give us a call on 01 442 3929 to get started.

How do I find Out More?

Click here to visit our online calculator to find out what you can do. (You’re looking for the red “Tax Free Cash” column).

Knowing what you can do is one thing. Getting there is another so we have a wide range of investment options to suit all investor types.

To find out more simply give me a call on (01) 442 3929 or email me at


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