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We all know that we need to save for the future but the problem is that pensions can be very confusing.

There’s so much information available that we don’t know where to start and we don’t know who to trust.

On top of that, it can be difficult to know what to do because we’re not sure what type of plan we should have, how much we should be saving each month or what kind of investments are most suitable for us.

You shouldn’t need a degree in Finance to understand pensions so I built an intuitive, award-winning calculator to help make them simple.

Securing a comfortable retirement needs professional advice but that doesn’t mean you should get ripped off in the process.

I know there’s a lot of advisors who are happy sign you up to expensive contracts without giving you the ongoing support you need.

This won’t do you much good in the long run because lack of advice is the main reason why the average pension fund in Ireland matures at just €107,000.

If you want to do better then you need;

  1. A clear financial plan,
  2. An appropriate investment strategy,
  3. A trusted advisor to guide you.

Any decision you make in relation to pensions should be more than just signing forms and hoping for the best because its outcome will have an impact on the 6,000+ days you spend in retirement.

Wouldn’t it feel great to make progress on a plan you control with an advisor you can rely on?

I can help you make the best pension decisions possible for your circumstances so get in touch today to get closer to the future you want and away from the one that you don’t.

Call me on (01) 442 3929 for a chat or email me at if you’d prefer that.



About me:

My name is Kevin Henry.

I’m from Rathfarnham and I’ve been working as a pensions specialist in financial services since 2005 when I started with Irish Life.

Throughout that time I’ve helped thousands of people start, manage and claim pension funds through good times and bad.

As a broker, my mission is to make it easier for anyone to plan their financial future with clarity and because of my unique approach I’ve been;

– Awarded The Business All-Star Thought Leader Accreditation For Pensions And Retirement Planning.

– Featured In The Money Section Of The Sunday Times,

– Shortlisted For The 2019 ’Best New Broker’ At The LPI Awards,

– Inducted on to The Fintech Ireland Map

I know it can be difficult to choose someone you don’t know to look after your interests in an industry you’re not familiar with.

I have been looking after my clients with great care and attention for the last 15 years and the proof is in the All-Ireland All-Star Award I received.

The three pillars of All-Star accreditation are performance, trust and verified customer centricity which means you can rely on me as a broker you can trust.

Kevin Henry • 2019 Business All-Star (Pensions and Retirement Planning)
• B.A. Honours Economics, UCD
• D.E.S., Smurfit Business School
• Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA)
• Retirement Planning Advisor (RPA)
• Fintech Ireland Inductee

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