Business Protection

Your business is central to your current lifestyle and a key asset for your future financial goals.

Risk Management
for Your Business

if it's worth building it's worth protecting.


The death of a shareholder brings immediate operational & financial consequences which can leave the business very vulnerable. We can help you protect this so you can start growing again.


The death of a partner in a firm leaves financial obligations on the remaining partners when estate matters need to be settled. We can help you get protected from this potential liability.


The loss of a key employee to death or illness can introduce sudden, unexpected financial pressure that's difficult to overcome. Keyman cover protects the business interests.

Your business may be the most valuable asset you own and it is under constant threat.

Most of the threats you deal with on an ongoing basis are external ones in the form of new competitors, changing marketplace dynamics and technological advances.

It’s virtually impossible to mitigate these risks so the best you can do is try and anticipate and manage them as best you can.

Internal threats tend to have a more immediate impact and can be much more damaging.

The death or serious illness of a business partner, shareholder or key employee can devastate a business.

But the good news is that you can mitigate the financial fallout that arises so that the loss of an individual doesn’t leave an unwanted legacy.

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